You know, after 4 years of You and you ilk giving charity to big corporations and rich fat cats, you have a lot of nerve lecturing President Biden on anything! After all, it was you and Mitch and the rest of the Republican Cabal that stopped infrastructure spending for 8 years under Obama and you have done whatever Mitch tells you when it comes to undercutting the underserved and the people who need real help.

You'll help them, but at a price. You'll give money to those who are suffering, but undercut the amount they get. You're all for helping people, as long as it constitutes giving rich donors, fat cats and goliath corporations big tax breaks. When that happens, you are surprisingly mum on the issue.

Your moral conscience was conspicuously absent during four years of that clown, Trump. Nothing you say now has any real gravitas.

PS. As for the tax structure: You've been trying to balance the budget by cutting programs that help the poor and underserved populations for decades. Don't deny it; the facts and the voting record don't lie You don't like the new tax structure because you will have to start paying your fair share of taxes, as will everyone who makes over $400K per year. You forgot to mention that. Instead, you try to scare people with your tax rhetoric that fails to mention the key component: No one making under $400K will get an increase. You've had a heyday in the tax breaks department for many years. It's time YOU paid for something, Chuckie!

Humorist, political junkie, activist, resister

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