Yes, this is what we've been saying to you for some time, Lauren. Now you are understanding. In order to "right the ship" we must ban together and get and KEEP someone in the WH who can do that - thus Biden/Harris.

All of the pie-in-the-sky talk about giving everyone, everything, isn't what we need to hear or do right now. Being in the midst of a Pandemic CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Trump has changed this country for the worse and starting a revolution on the Left won't win any votes in 2022 OR 2024. Young Idealists may want drastic change but now is not the time for that. We need to galvanize and push to keep Dems in the WH and we cannot do that if AOC, Bernie and others keep spinning tales of lollipops, healthcare and Socialism for everyone, scaring the Right and further galvanizing them.

It’s no accident that Dems didn’t take back the Senate (as of this writing) and lost seats in the House. This is the warning you need to heed: Promoting Socialist platforms in the time of a Pandemic and after such a radical last four years of Trumpism will be a disaster for the Dems moving forward.

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