While you and the Squad keep doing the Republican's bidding for them, you would do well to look into just how (un)successful your brand of democracy is in countries that have tried and failed to make it work.

When you keep touting the Bernie model of Socialism, Lauren, you are helping to elect Rethuglicans in 2022 and 2024.

The reason Dems didn't do better in the election - down ballot - is because you and your Socialist pals aren't seeing the big picture; have done little to educate people on what realistically can be done and how it can be achieved and most importantly, don’t understand what you are espousing. With no plan and on the heels of a megalomaniac in the WH, you managed to scare people into going the wrong direction.

You have consistently fought the fight without realizing that Ideals are the first VICTIM of Ideology. We are in a precarious position in our nation's history. You don't make drastic proposals or changes when you handed the GOP 70 million votes with Bernie's outlandish and unrealistic scare tactics, disguised as helping everyone - and with no plan on how to pay for all of it. And no, it will not be paid for by taxes from billionaires and corporations. You'll still need another 58 Trillion dollars to make all of it work. Where will that come from?

Ask anyone living in a socialist country and they will tell you one thing: Taxes, Taxes, TAXES! Just ask our Canadian friends.

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