Well "somehow" won't cut it in the real world we live in. "Somehow" isn't recognized as viable currency by banks, lenders and credit card companies.

The stimulus kept people from being tossed out onto the street, fed families, paid for utility bills, etc. It wasn't meant to be a cure-all, but a helping hand in difficult times.

Your straw man argument doesn't hold up. You are mixing apples and oranges and coming up with dirt - it doesn't compute.

Do you think Medicare for All will employ people, lift them out of poverty, stimulate the economy and keep the money out of the bankers' hands and big business? Think again. For every new scheme that comes along, there are 3 dozen newer schemes to fill the gap.

Just ask everyone in Canada what their paychecks look like every two weeks: HINT: They only bring home 40% of what they make and the rest goes to the government to pay for their Free Healthcare, which - as it turns out - isn't really free at all! They are paying for it AND they still have to pay co-pays! Read up and learn about the real world, then come back and tell me more idealist rhetoric.

PS: The first victim of ideology is the ideal.

Humorist, political junkie, activist, resister

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