Well, James, you better get ready to bury your head deeper into the sand, because here it is, the answer to your question:

You are positing a theory which is untrue and not in any way possible to be believed. Before the Thug Militia got to Portland, the protests were peaceful. AFTER the Thug Militia pulled up and parked their unmarked cars, things got ugly.

Tear-gassing peaceful protesters is not in any way anything for you to be proud of. Assuming that protesters and rioters are one in the same further informs me that you lump everyone together and believe what you hear on FIXed News Channel.

Let me school you: Rioters are the people that break windows, loot and burn neighborhoods to the ground. There may be guns and knives used in the process if necessary. Most White people don't condone this behavior - including me.

PROTESTING involves no shooting, looting, burning and destruction. It's a PEACEFUL means of making your voice heard. It can be done on a sidewalk, but why would you? Do it on the street, disrupt traffic and MAKE PEOPLE TAKE NOTICE. When you make people take notice and show that you will not back down, not be silenced ,and not be relegated to back alleyways, sidewalks or parks, you bring attention to your cause in a peaceful way that allows for conversation and real change.

Federal buildings were not being destroyed or targeted, except in peaceful protest, which is allowable by law. Do your homework before you jump the gun. All of the teargas and fires started by the teargas were from the Feds in Portland. Live and Learn.

And by all means, keep sounding the racial alarm for your fellow Republicans. Your party is tanking; your president is tanking and your belief that right is only White is tanking. Way to go, Jimmy!

Humorist, political junkie, activist, resister

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