TRUMP: “We’re In The FIGHT For The SOLE Of Our Nation”

Trump has been furiously tweeting since the White House Rose Garden spectacle came to an end last week.

Once the Trump family circle-jerk had finally ended on Thursday of last week, everyone moved on to their appointed positions within the campaign and administration. But one lingering question remained: What will the unifying message be to the Trumpaholics who are guaranteed to support their president although they are in jeopardy of losing their homes, their businesses or perhaps their lives by supporting him? How could the campaign galvanize the masses behind one solid message that would appeal to young and old, rich and middle-class and poor alike?

By Friday afternoon, the president and his team came up with a sure-fire message that the team was assured by DJT would change the trajectory of the election and help him soar past Joe Biden in the polling: “We’re in the fight for the sole of our nation!

When asked if it was too similar to Joe Biden’s campaign slogan, Trump assured his team that there were no similarities between his slogan and Biden’s, we’re in a fight for the soul of our nation speech.

“There is nothing even remotely similar,” said the commander-in-chief, as he stuffed his face with the x-large Big Mac and fries order, the same meal he’s eaten for lunch over the last 1318 days in office.

“When I tell people we’re in the fight for the sole of our nation, I’m talking about allowing The Proud Boys and various right-wing militia groups, armed with ammo that we don’t have to pay for, stomping on our citizens’ freedom. They’ll be our own version of jack-booted thugs. It’s a new age in America and people need to get in line or wish they had. I read Hitler’s Mein Kampf; I’ve spoken to Vlad at length; I know how to get the people to toe the line. The sole of America sends a not-so-subtle message to everyone who thinks they can get away with speaking truth to power. If they think they can stomp all over the Constitution and rob decent, law-abiding citizens from living the life I promised them when I ran in 2016, they have another thought coming.”

When meeting with the press later that day, Trump was asked about his plans for dealing with Covid-19 in the fall, noting that it will overlap with flu season. Scurrying to Marine One, he told the small crowd that he was on his way to New Hampshire and said he’d respond from Air Force One. The message was tweeted out 13 minutes later:

@realdonaldTrump “We’ve done a great, great job of stomping out the virus and we’ll kick the crap out of it again if it comes back. The important thing to do now is to get everyone back to work, back to school and watch our economy sore.”#smartestpresidentever

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