Trump Spends Waning Days Of His Presidency Reading Farewell Mementos From World Leaders And Special Interest Groups

In a display of thoughtful and heartfelt gestures this holiday season, various groups and world leaders have showered President Trump with a treasure trove of memorabilia with which to mark his four years in the White House. Herewith, the list:

Vladimir Putin

Remember when Trump gifted Vlad with Syria?

Vlad knows how to return a favor and remind Trump that the leash grows shorter with every breath the Orange-Julius-in-Chief takes.

The Ku Klux Klan

No one knows more than the Klan, and other White Supremacist groups, just how effective Don-the-Con has been. He has done everything possible to elevate the stature of these groups to a vaunted status shared by few in our nation’s history. Their cautionary nudge reminds him Who’s the Boss, in case he forgets once he’s out of the White House.


With an appreciation for all things cerebral — steeped in scholarship and knowledge — Mensa has chosen this monumental plaque to emphasize that nothing great was ever achieved without an appreciation for one of the basic tenets of Mensa’s platform: Offering “Valuable assistance to researchers, inside and outside Mensa, in projects dealing with intelligence…” Their gift is emblematic of the thought and rigor put into every press conference and attack on our Democracy since the 2020 election.

Barack Obama

Nothing says presidential like an elected leader who thinks that bashing his predecessor is the epitome of good form and deserving of the office to which he was appointed. To that end, Barack had a special note for the soon-to-be-former-president.

Me Too Movement

Not willing to sit idly by while others had all the fun, this message didn’t need a set-up; you got their drift the moment you saw it.

Pope Francis

At this special time of year, and with an eye toward the future, Pope Francis chose this rendering of the Last Supper to show his appreciation for being an ocean away from Trumpelstiltskin in the time of a raging pandemic.

The Commission on Presidential Debates

Who amongst us can forget those wild and crazy debates; from outlandish lies to abuses of the process — the two debates had it all! In remembrance of the way things were, here is the CPD offering:

The League of Women Voters

No group has stood stronger against Trump than the LWV. From the moment he and his plastic/vacuous other half descended the escalator in Trump Tower for his monumental announcement to run for the highest office in the land, the League has leaned on his back like a stud on a bitch at the breeding farm. It wasn’t hard to choose something relevant to send Trump at this particular time; just a joy to do it!

Black Lives Matter

There could be no better reminder of the Trump years than his total disregard for people of color, especially Blacks. Make no mistake about it, it wasn’t hard for BLM to come up with something to send Trump that would remind him what they thought of him, especially after the Charlottesville comments about there being “…good people on both sides” and his blanket protection of all bad cops, everywhere.

The Citizens of Puerto Rico

You knew this was coming…It was time for everyone in PR to tell Trump what they really think of him. It didn’t take much effort to come up with something all could agree upon, just a little ingenuity and spunk to get it manufactured in time.

Joe Biden, President-Elect of the United States

No explanation needed here.

All of the people who worked in the White House during the Trump Administration.

What can I say? This stuff writes itself…

The Democratic National Committee

It was a real testament of fortitude and restraint when the DNC held firm and refused to stoop to Trump’s level, but those days are well gone and here’s the proof:

This just in:

It was announced this week that Donald Trump has presented BFF Vladimir Putin with one final parting gift; Is anyone surprised?

Chancellor Angela Merkel

Dealing with Trump was never easy; seeing him go won’t come soon enough. Merkel sent Trump this picture to remind him of the time when she expressed her anger at Trump in front of him and the entire world…Good Times!

Dr. Anthony Fauci

He endured more crap than any intelligent human had a right to bear. Not one to put his emotions and feelings on front street, Fauci chose a more subtle approach in sending a message to the soon-to-be former President of the United States.

Frontline Medical Staff

They felt the cold hand of Trump’s indifference and nonchalance when he left them dangling out on a limb without the proper PPE, money, ventilators and medical supplies needed to combat a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Over 2000 of our medical warriors have died from Covid, thanks to Trump’s negligence.

Emmanuel Macron

Early on in Trump’s presidency, Macron attempted to befriend Trump in order to give him a fighting chance when dealing with the rest of Europe’s leaders, not realizing that Trump offers little to admire and even less with which to work. Herewith, his parting shot.

Andrew Cuomo

The Leader-in-Chief for the state of New York and the nation at large, when Trump was still in denial mode about Covid-19 and Americans were desperate for the truth, Cuomo was the calming, collected voice of reason and sanity —informing us what we were about to face in our own states, while showing us what calm in the midst of a storm looks like. Trump mocked him, then aided him, then mocked him again.

And finally…

THE FAMILIES OF DECEASED AMERICANS AND THOSE STRICKEN WITH COVID-19, would like to acknowledge that President Donald J. Trump has blood on his hands: 350,000 and counting.

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