Trump Gives Macron the Brush-off

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President Donald Trump proved once again why he is the scourge of the free world when he announced, publicly, that he was going to rid French President Emmanuel Macron’s suit jacket of dandruff in an embarrassing display of offensiveness and disrespect.

Trump’s sagging gut and apron-length tie — which paled by comparison to the elegantly-attired Macron — were simply too much for the Trumpanzee-in-Chief to endure. Going out of his way to publicly mortify Macron this morning was the first in a series of public humiliations that marked the entire morning and afternoon’s events.

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Later in the morning, Trump was seen holding Macron’s hand as though he were a beleaguered father guiding a little boy through the throngs at a county fair; dragging Macron behind him every step of the way. It was disgraceful. One couldn’t help but feel sorry for Macron, the new kid on the EU block, who has been designated by the EU as the babysitter-in-chief for Trump over the next few years.

Macron accepted the position to keep the Trumpaholic and his ego in check, as well as help him appear to be somewhat of a world leader in the face of the myriad of forthcoming legal charges that will be sure to derail the Trump Presidency.

When asked about the mistreatment by Trump, Macron deflected the issue by responding, “I knew what I signed up for when I accepted this mission on behalf of the EU. God willing, this imposition to which I have married myself will dissolve in the next year or so, as soon as Special Counsel Mueller does what he promised the world he would do: Rid us of this scourge on humanity!”

When asked why he was treating Macron like a 5-year-old in public, Trump retorted, “I value our friendship with President Macron and France. It is my intention to do everything I can do to train this young president in the ways of diplomacy and couth. I owe France and the world nothing less than the best I have to offer.”

As of this writing, the French are taking to the streets to protest the latest in a myriad of gaffes Macron has endured in the last 24 hours.

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