Trey Gowdy Spooked After Reviewing His Old Benghazi Hearing Playbook

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In an effort to gear up for the defense of the president, Trey Gowdy — looking back at his most famous quotes from the Benghazi hearings — announced that he will not be joining the Trump team.

There is much I could write about the farce that would have been unleashed on the American public — full circle — if Trey Gowdy joined the Trump defense team, but I thought it would be more interesting to take a look at some of the juiciest and most relevant quotes from the way back machine, when Gowdy was helming the Benghazi hearings in Congress.


This is a really rich quote and ever-so-relevant in today’s political climate. So…the Constitution is not a tool to be wielded for political expediency? Tell that to the Liar-In-Chief you’ll be representing, soon. And that laughable bit about the president should take care to follow the law and not outmaneuver it…PRICELESS!

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In this quote, Gowdy was referring to Obama, Clinton, Carney and Benghazi. Change the names to Trump, Pompeo, Grisham and Ukraine and the quote still holds up today. Thanks, Trey, for being so insightful on the inner workings of the White House. And yes, I’m surprised at the Republicans who have fallen for Trump and crew’s story, also.

Yes, Trey. Do try and remember this when you attempt to defend the most corrupt, vile, lying, disengenuous and stupid president in history. Just the facts, Trey; just the facts!

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Man, Trey really knows how to turn a phrase, doesn’t he? Just remove the part about the Nobel Peace Prize (yes, Trump thought he deserved one because Obama won it after just one year in office and somehow, Trump actually believed he deserved one after serving 2 years in office — true story) and keep the part of the quote that states, “…shooting for one in fiction.” Nuff said.

This crap writes itself. No need to offer any commentary here; this statement still stands, Trey. Remember this when you attempt to defend Trump’s treasonous activities. Are you going to “weaken” the law forever?

Courtesy Double Quotes

Trey, you are so right! When Trump misled us about the Russian collusion, recklessly lied about quid pro quo deals with despots, dictators and thugs in power, negligently failed to follow the laws to which he swore to uphold and intentionally misled the press and the American public, yeah, that is the kind of stuff that does impact the republic.

Courtesy Double Quotes


AND, in Trump’s case, it will be a legal fact by the end of this, our national nightmare.

And finally…

Okay, press: Do your job!

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