The Shift’ is the Elephant in the Room Trump Supporters are Happy to Ignore

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I’ve prided myself on having friends and acquaintances from all walks of life, political persuasions, and social strata. While it has been especially hard to keep everything above board with the Trump supporters over the last few years, I’ve managed to keep my relationships intact, maintaining them with those people who voted for and supported Trump, while they vociferously attacked and hated his party’s rival, Hillary.

According to them, Hillary was (in no particular order) “…a liar, a cheat, a piece of scum, hateful, deceitful and diabolical…” In fact, if I’m being totally honest here, we either stopped speaking during the election cycle or simply didn’t discuss politics in 2016 and early 2017, for fear of losing long-term relationships over our differences in politics.

I wasn’t oblivious to Hillary’s total lack of candor on various issues, so I allowed my friends to vent their displeasure with few objections because I acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their beliefs and should be able to speak freely and stand by those beliefs — especially when speaking with friends.

Recently, I’ve noticed what I refer to as The Shift. It started out slowly the subtle distancing from all discussions relating to politics on their part. The silence was — let me be perfectly honest— deafening.

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Suddenly, no one from the Right wants to discuss politics anymore. I consistently hear some version of the following: “I don’t have time to watch the news anymore,” “ I’m just not interested in politics now,” or my personal favorite: “I’m so tired of everything going on in DC; I don’t want to hear about it. I just stay away from politics.”

What is it about Trump loyalists (or former loyalists) that they cannot bring themselves to utter some semblance of: “I made a mistake; I was wrong to vote for him; I was hopeful he’d be fresh, different and approach our nation’s problems from a new perspective but he didn’t.”

In fact, they won’t mention an utterance with regard to what “…a liar, cheat, piece of scum, hateful, deceitful and diabolical person” he is. The same words his supporters lavishly tossed around when describing Hillary are the exact words that clearly and unequivocally describe their choice for this nation’s leader.

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The very people responsible (other than the Russians, of course) for voting this guy into the White House suddenly have no interest, whatsoever, in our country’s direction, our President, our economy and our future. And let’s not fail to mention that little WWIII thing that hangs over our heads every time he insults another group of people or another world leader. The fact that many who voted for Trump cannot bring themselves to criticize him speaks volumes about the types of people who would vote for someone they didn’t believe in, to avoid voting for someone they hated, and whom they truly believed had no redeeming character traits, whatsoever.

It’s almost as if they are all reading from the same playbook on this subject. From my Mother to some of my friends and business associates…Crickets.

Why do Republicans have such a difficult time admitting they were wrong? What is paralyzing the minds of his supporters that renders them unwilling or unable to utter the phrase, “I made a mistake”?

Is it just the people I know, or is anyone else noticing this?

If this post made you think about some of the Trump supporters you know, please feel free to clap or share your thoughts, below. Thank you.

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