The Circular Firing Squad That Will Never End…

5 min readNov 4, 2023
Image: White Phosphorus injury. Tyler Hicks/NY TIMES

Ms. Abu Halima said that when her family was hit, “fire came from the bodies of my husband and my children. The children were screaming, ‘Fire! Fire!’ and there was smoke everywhere and a horrible, suffocating smell,” she said. “My 14-year-old cried out, ‘I am going to die. I want to pray.’ I saw my daughter-in-law melt away.” Richard Silverstein in Tikun Olam

I have straddled this fence for weeks now: Trying to reconcile the horrific and brutal attacks on innocent Israelis 4 weeks ago by the evil Hamas group with my concern for innocent Palestinians being bombed and strafed out of their homes, as Israel continues their claims that Hamas is hiding above ground in refugee camps. It is getting harder and harder to reconcile all of this with the facts as presented on the nightly news and in the NYT, along with Amnesty International’s revelations with regard to the Israeli Defense Forces using outlawed White Phosphorus.

The images from unedited video are seared in my mind; I see them when I am falling asleep, and I stop them long enough to say a prayer and send healing to the survivors on both sides of this conflict. I have no stake in the issue. I am an observer.

When I read comments on Yahoo, following stories about nine thousand innocent Palestinians being murdered by bombs and missiles, I am sickened.

Netanyahu claims he gave 24-hour warning to people to get out of those enclaves — nice of him. Although no one seems to know where these Palestinian people could have escaped to: You have three borders of the Gaza Strip sealed off and the sea on the fourth border. Nice try.

What is most frightening to me is that so many pro-Israeli commenters are referring to all Palestinians as Hamas supporters and commenting that “the Gaza Strip should be shelled until there is nothing left of the it”. It is referred to by another moniker, also: Ethnic Cleansing, although I’m sure no one wants to acknowledge this.

More than one person has written something to the effect of “Why do you care? We didn’t worry when we bombed Hiroshima, so why should you worry about us bombing all Palestinians?” WHAT?!?!? We were at war with Japan; Israel is at war with Hamas. ALL Hamas may well be Palestinian, but ALL Palestinians are NOT HAMAS; SIGNIFICANT…