Shannon: You've got enough on your plate. Stop giving attention to those that are doing nothing but adding to your misery. The more you fuel it, the more it will happen.

Focus on the good; focus on healing; focus on those of us who highly and honestly support you; focus on Sophie; focus on seeing the good in all of us; focus on you and being the best you can be while facing the challenges of healing.

Stop giving the negativity a lengthy posting. It brings nothing but more of this type of thing into your life. The Universe will give you more of what you dwell on, so when you start reading something that is negative - STOP READING IT AND BLOCK THE SENDER!

You are courageous and stronger than you realize. Allow that to be your calling card and PHUCK the ugly in the world. Focus on healing, love and light and more of that will come into your life. Promise!

Humorist, political junkie, activist, resister

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