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Deconstructing Female Trump Supporters One Pic At A Time

The world is full of fools and some don’t mind if you know who they are…

Image from Pic Collage

It has long been opined by those whose have a modicum of intelligence, and barely a high school education, that most of Trump’s female supporters are uneducated, ill-bred hillbillies; who am I to disagree?

I will attempt to analyze some of the women in the pictures, above. I will call out each one by row/column position.

Row one/Column one/Pic #1

This Backwoods Lizzo has no idea how Trump would perceive her if he met her in person, and she doesn’t really care. It takes a heap of chutzpah and a ton of cluelessness to think this look screams I’m serious about the men I vote for, just like I’m serious about putting healthy food into my body.

Row one/Column two/Pic #1

This brain-trust is displaying a map to her pussy. Yes, she is so proud of her kitty-kat that she wants to make sure you can find it, too. She’s too oblivious to know that she is putting everything women fought for in the last 100 years back to its sub-terranean roots and she really doesn’t care. She just wants the attention from the men in her life, who’ve probably stopped grabbing that thang in favor of a pussy that is not covered in cobwebs.

Row one/Column three/Pic #1

A sort-of picture of Trump on Mt. Rushmore. Fair enough, but according to this pic, half of Mt. Rushmore has apparently been the victim of a massive shift in the earth’s surface, such that Trump stands apart from the vaunted leaders he asserts himself to be most like. Given that the rest of the message states, God Bless Trump, one can only imagine she means if he travels 18 inches lower and gets his tool stuck in her road to oblivion, it will all come to a gruesome ending.

Row one/Column five/ Pic #1

This beast is begging Trump to grab her pussy because no one else, apparently, will. Go figure.

Row two/Column one/Pic #1

People often accuse Trumpaholics of not being WOKE. Well, this honey is here to tell the lot of you that not only are they WOKE, but they know their weapons of mass destruction, as well. Too small, you…