Do This If You Want To Ensure Your Mail-In Ballot Counts This Year

Courtesy of The Week

If you are going to vote by mail, spend the money and put a stamp on it, rather than send the ballot back with ‘no postage required’ printed stamp that may be on the outside of some states’ ballots.

AND…Don’t forget to sign it where indicated AND have a signature of a witness on the ballot, when required.

I was speaking to my mailman the other day; I asked him about the chances of all of the mail-in votes being counted and how secure he thought voting by mail would be. Here is what he said:

“If you live in a state that allows for mail-in ballots, your mail will be thrown in a bin or a room to be collected at a later date if there is no stamp on it. Since DeJoy became the Postmaster General (and I mean within days of it happening), we saw drastic changes in our system. We have mail stacked to the ceiling and back. I have two routes to deliver each day instead of one, and I don’t get home until 10:30 at night. Fourth-class mail is like sending something to the bowels of the post office. It will get out, but there are no guarantees (they won’t tell you this when you ask about sending your coupons or letters fourth-class). The only thing first-class about the postal service nowadays is that it’s a first-class wreck. If you want to make sure your vote counts, don’t forget to put a stamp on your ballot, even if it isn’t required by your state. That way, you can make sure it will go directly to the address of the board of elections as labeled on the front of the ballot.”

Having volunteered to count ballots in the past, there are TWO sure-fire ways to have your mail-in vote NOT COUNT:

  1. The Voter failed to SIGN off on the back of the envelope before mailing it.
  2. Also, there is usually a place for a witness to sign. If you fail to have the ballot witnessed, your vote won’t be verified or count.

People tend to ignore the instructions and believe someone else will clean up after them. This is an important election; no one is paid to clean up your mistakes, folks.

So there you have it. Is it worth a 55-cent stamp to make certain that your vote counts and to be sure your ballot was witnessed in an election year? What do you think?

Pass this along and post it to every site you can and make sure everyone knows this. Thank you.

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