Okay, Lauren, just take the $600 off the table. Don't stop there: take the $300 per week off the table, too, because that is what would have happened.

What you don't seem to understand is that the Republicans have the power in the Senate and whoever has the power calls the shots. Bernie doesn't have the power - just the mouth.

Giving Trump props for the $2000 stimulus check without telling the whole story is an affront to your readers. To be clear, any effort from the White House to offer more financial assistance to Americans had only one - Donald Trump's - best interest at heart.

It would have derailed the weekly pandemic relief program and thrown negotiations into a meltdown, with Mitch and the rest of the cabal screaming that if people were to get that much money one time, then they wouldn't need 300 per week for 16 weeks. You DO remember when Mitch only wanted people to get 100 per week, don't you?

You are employed, so you see your share of the pie drastically reshaped with only 600. For those who are struggling and need 600 plus the other 300 per week for the next four months (and I think we can ALL AGREE it should be more than 300) something is better than nothing and people are hurting throughout this country. Sadly, it won't come soon enough for those being thrown out of their homes and apartments this holiday season and well into the New Year.

Humorist, political junkie, activist, resister

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