Lauren: It's clear from your writings that you owe student loan money. It's also clear from your writings that you don't always do your homework.

You are woefully misinformed. Biden IS making good on the $2000 stimulus relief, because he has ALWAYS said the $1400 would be an add-on to the 600 we received earlier.

Frankly, it's astounding: You beat Biden into the ground after one month and you let Bernie talk his Socialist crap of everything for everyone and see nothing wrong with that.

You are in debt, owe student loans and want to make more money. Fine. Deal with that, but stop asking the government to bail you out of everything. It's called personal responsibility. I paid off 30k in student loans and it meant not having much; doing without and not getting the best or newest car and not having all of the things I wanted, but they were paid off. Now I'm in a far better position.

Do I think the minimum wage should be 15 - ABSOLUTELY. Do I think forgiving 10,000 in student debt is doable - YES. Do I think we should kick the can down the road because Biden will not give in to Bernie's 50k student loan demand - NO.

So you have a choice, Lauren: You can give up the 15 dollar min. wage for now, in order to get the 1.9 Trillion dollar stimulus package to folks who are in desperate need, or you can bitch and moan and run Biden into the ground instead of finding plenty of shit to ramrod the GOP about and show how they are trying to scuttle the 1.9 trillion for everyone.

Your choice.

Humorist, political junkie, activist, resister

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