Jussie Smollett Breaks The Internet for All The Wrong Reasons

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Jussie Smollett, Empire star, gay activist and all-around likeable guy has broken the internet in a most unexpected way for him; most expected way for the rest of us. It appears that the whole race-based, ugly, beat-down he got a few weeks ago in sub-zero weather, on a desolate Chicago street at 2AM , was nothing more than a terrible “hate-crime” hoax.

Smollett, who has been rumored to be on the chopping block from the Fox show, Empire, was desperate to be keep his job. So far, we can all agree that is a natural reaction to this kind of rumor. What happened next, to ensure sympathy for his cause, was not a natural reaction, nor was it anything a sane person would do. It was not something someone with an ounce of sense would perpetrate; nothing anyone with dignity, decency and half a brain would attempt. Enter Jussie Smollett.

He apparently sent himself a piece of racially-charged hate mail. You know, the kind that has the “N” word in it and where every letter is cut out of a magazine, to avoid hand-writing analysis if the sender were caught? Of course everyone around him were concerned. Fox offered him bodyguards, which any normal person would have accepted in light of this vicious kind of missive, but not our guy Jussie. Nope, he refused the protection, and went on about his business. This is what is known in the investigative process as HINT #1.

Then there was that awful, freezing, sub-zero, windy night when Jussie was so hungry, he felt compelled to leave his residence to walk in the freezing cold to an all-night Subway shop for a sandwich. Does Chicago not have pizza delivery or late-night food delivery services? I believe it does. HINT #2.

He claims it was upon his return from the Subway shop that he was accosted by two guys wearing MAGA caps and that they “kicked, punched and bit” him while yelling racial and gay slurs and yelling the MAGA slogan. Sounds horrific. They threw bleach on him and tied a noose around his neck, as well. It sounded really awful and traumatizing; when I first heard it I was sick to my stomach; Two guys beating up on Jussie. How badly was he hurt; how many ribs were probably broken; how badly was his face bruised and swollen; how badly did the bleach burn him? Was the bleach thrown in his face? His eyes?Why would people do this to anyone? The noose thing was very disturbing. And then I heard that he walked home and waited 45 minutes before he called the Chicago PD. HINT#3.

Smollett attempts to vacuum evidence prior to calling police to his apartment.

Police arrive and find him sitting there, with the noose still around his neck. HINT #4. Any idiot knows that a person (especially a black person) is not going to sit around, shooting the breeze with his friend/manager, and not remove that vicious symbol of racial strife and hatred from around his neck. The police said he was wearing the noose like a necktie. HINT#5.

The police ask for his phone and he and his friend/manager both refuse to turn over their phones. HINT#6. If someone has just beat the hell out of you (allegedly) and tied a noose around your neck, you don’t refuse to help the police who are investigating the crime by not turning over your phone. It was at this point that I realized that he was hiding something and didn’t want the cops to find it on his phone. I didn’t even go so far as reaching for the fact that there might be pictures of a private nature on his phone, or that he didn’t want the police to see who his latest crush was; I immediately thought he doesn’t want them to see his text messages or the numbers he’s dialed for some reason. HINT#7

Police cannot find any clues on the numerous cameras in the area and cannot find anyone with Jussie. Jussie did step out of the view of cameras for approximately 60 seconds, so it seemed strange that 2 white guys would be hanging outside a Subway shop on one of the coldest nights of the year in Chicago, somehow knowing that Jussie would soon be walking down the street, alone, hungry for a middle-of-the-night-Subway foot-long and would accomodate them by moving out of the view of street cameras on the main thoroughfare for the beat-down. Hmmm. Hint#8.

Fast-forward to five days later: Guess who’s appearing live, at the Troubadour in LA. for a concert? He’s at the top of his game; not a mark on him, no bruises, bite marks or facial swelling and feeling good just to be with [his] fans? HINTS#9, 10 and 11!

Several days later, police in Chicago announce the arrest of two Nigerian brothers — at least one of whom appeared as an extra on Empire. Hint#12. Amazingly, neither guy is white. Oops, there goes another part of the story and further supports the strong suspicion, nationwide, that Jussie is a racist conspirator — not a victim. Didn’t he tell Robin Roberts on GMA that if the persons who did this were “… a Muslim, or a Mexican, or someone black, I feel like the doubters would have supported me much more. A lot more. And that says a lot about the place that we are in our country right now.” More on that remark, later.

Smollett rubs his neck after Chicago police beg him to remove the noose (Photo courtesy of Billboard)

Meanwhile, back in Chicago, the police interrogate the Nigerian brothers Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo and release them without charging them, late last week. Jussie’s reaction? He hires high-powered criminal attorney, Michale Monico, to represent him. Monico has represented Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen. Uh-oh, that was HINT#13. Can you say lawyer-up, Jussie?

The assailants shared their phone records with the police. Guess what? There were phone calls (texts)between one of them and Jussie on the day of the alleged attack. Yikes! Wait for it! HINT#14.

Unconfirmed reports claim that the brothers were paid a measly $3500, with a promise of $500 more to be paid at a later date. No wonder they rolled over on him. The Osundairo brothers could have made that much shoveling snow for a day in upscale Chicago neighborhoods!

So that brings us to the here and now. Smollett is still going with his story. The brothers have ratted him out. The cops want to talk to Jussie. Jussie doesn’t want to talk to them. HINT#15.

Empire will no doubt kill him off — Oh, wait, he already did that to himself. Maybe they’ll just send him on a concert tour from which he never returns…I see a terrible plane or auto accident in his Empire future.

The real issues here are two fold: First, he perpetrated a hate-crime, instilling anger and outrage in the black community. Now that same community must wonder what might happen if, God forbid, there is an actual, racially-motivated hate-crime to report in the future. Will that person have to spend a month trying to convince the police that an actual attack really happened before they investigate it as an actual crime? He did a disservice to the black community and that cannot be ignored. That is the real “hate-crime” here.

The second issue is that once again, whites were thrown on the sacrificial, race-baiting altar so that someone (Jussie) could get sympathy for his cause, whatever the hell that was! Remember his quote from the GMA interview: if the persons who did this were “… a Muslim, or a Mexican, or someone black, I feel like the doubters would have supported me much more.”

I’m not going to say that racially-motivated crimes have not been in clear evidence since that Trumpanzee entered the WH in 2017 (and before), but there have also been several instances of trumped-up (pun intended) allegations against whites that have been proven false. We can handle it, but these kinds of false accusations do not help anyone’s cause and they certainly don’t alleviate the trepidation that blacks feel on a daily basis, when interacting in the world we live in, fueled by racist, Trumpanzee-loving, far-right evangelists of the Trump doctrine — such as it is.

I’m guessing there might be one more way that Empire could write Jussie out of the show: Just have Lucious take him out back (like he did earlier in the series, when Jussie was a toddler) and toss him in the garbage can, only this time, nail the damn lid shut!

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