In 2009, My Friend Bought a Bacon Burger and Fries from a Fast Food Chain. Here’s What it Looks Like in 2018…

I went home over the holiday season and stopped by my friend’s house for a few days. We shared stories about family, friends, kids, etc. We were sitting in her office at the time. As I stood up to leave I noticed something tucked away on a shelf near a chair by the window.

“What’s that?” I asked, motioning to the plate on the shelf?

“That’s a fast food meal I bought back in 2009 for one of my Hypno-Dining classes,” she remarked.

My friend is a successful psychologist and health freak; this plate of fast food was her way of hammering home to her clients just how unhealthy fast food can be.

“This is 9 years old?” I asked. “The fries look as though you just bought them, the cookies (bought at a supermarket) are in remarkably good shape, and the burger meat is intact with only the buns showing some deterioration from their original shape. What is this stuff on top of the burger?”

“Oh, that’s the bacon and cheese and the dark mark on the bun is an outline of the slice of tomato that eventually disintegrated and branded its imprint into the bun.”

I noticed that the food was free of mold and had no smell. I picked up one of the fries and inspected it closely — cold and rigid. “Hey, did you ever try to heat this up in the microwave for a few seconds to see if it returned to its original texture?”

“No, and I have no desire to.”

I had to wonder if this food didn’t disintegrate on the plate in nine years, what would it do to your body over time? Does some of it stay in your system — unable to digest — becoming the culprit of gut problems, aches and pains in your joints, or unexplained headaches that frequently come and go without explanation?

And then I wondered about all of the preservatives in these edibles that kids clamor for like a drug addict in a crack den, grabbing for the last working lighter in a frenzy to get a quick fix.

When most kids light up at the prospect of going to a fast food restaurant, is it for something that has less to do with the toys they receive in their kids’ meals? Are they being psychologically and physically hooked on this food without their parents ever realizing the dangerous chemicals present in the food they gladly purchase for them?” How many times have we heard how unhealthy fast food can be, loaded with fat and high carbs?

It’s not just the obvious unhealthy fats and carbs that the children of America are being fed, but the preservatives contained in this food that must be somewhere beyond plastic and teetering on the shy side of rubberized!

Where is the FDA when you need them?

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed reading this story, feel free to clap. I read all comments and respond when I can.

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