Great points, Lauren. Unless Georgia comes out in droves to vote 2 Dems into the Senate, we are DOA on Jan. 20th.

I wonder just how many poor and middle-class Republicans are going to go down the tubes before they realize they voted this Assclown into office and they are reaping what they've sown? Until they make the connection and look beyond their blatant racism and uneducated redneck behaviors, this country will be doomed.

Until Republican lawmakers start acting like they are really there for the people, and not just to collect a fat 6-figure payday every year - we are doomed. They are the enablers whose names we should remember in the mid-terms and the 2024 election cycles.

The two parties need to come together and work something out, but they are so diametrically opposed at every turn, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Donald Trump has fed into the ugly that is the underbelly of America. He has brought it to the surface and it's exploding right before our eyes in real time.

The sad fact is that by not signing the stimulus bill he punishes everyone who didn't vote for him or respect him AND he punishes everyone who did! By not signing the bill, he is shutting down the government - which proves to his massive ego that he RULES and is ALL-POWERFUL, and he punishes the lawmakers and makes them come back to DC to sit for a week and do nothing while he golfs and stuffs his face in Florida.

This IS who DJT is! Nothing more; nothing less. Just a fool, a tyrant, a narcissist, a man blithely ignorant of others' suffering; his incompetency and his Presidency, and we are all going to suffer for it

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