GOP Feigns Outrage Over Syria Situation Because They Are Afraid To Tackle Trump’s Domestic Failures

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Republicans join hands to denounce Trump’s action in Syria because they are too afraid to tackle his domestic incompetence.

Trump is drunk with power. The kind of power that robs people of their dignity, destroys nations and their places in history. He is on a rampage of the worst kind; all powerful and all encompassing of his desire to rule the country rather than govern it.

So far, he’s proving that he can act with impunity — firing people out of spite, dismissing them on Twitter and raging against the FBI, the justice system, the press and those who we trust to enforce the laws of the land. He’s doing this with the tacit approval of the Republican-led Congress who are perfectly willing to allow this abomination of a loose cannon to continue to destroy our standing in the world and make a mockery out of the highest office in the land, while placing the country perilously close to landing in a situation from which nothing less than WWIII or a defeat in the 2020 election will free us.

He is perfectly willing to stand by Russia and its leader, Putin; cozy up to Turkey’s thug leader, Erdogan — also a Russian puppet — and is still protecting the Russians who interfered with our election in 2016. He refuses to stand with America, Americans and any Ambassador that stands up to him.

In just under three years, he has proven that he is an outlier in the land of bad behavior. He is beyond the norm in every way possible and not in a good way.

He has fired members of his cabinet and Ambassadors who deign to disagree with him and now has the “cabinet I want.Who in the hell picked the cabinet you had? Putin? Erdogan? Jong-un? Or was it everyone who has something on you or whom you are trying to appease?

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Cartoon courtesy of The New Yorker

And this continues to be the issue at hand: Why won’t the Republicans grow a set of balls and do what is best for the country? Because they are too concerned about their own reelections in 2020. When it comes to the senators running for reelection — from McConnell to Graham — they want nothing more than to win 14 months from now, rather than fight for the soul of our country.

They are looking at the volatile situation in Washington and are searching for a way to salvage their careers when faced with the hopelessness that is Donald Trump.

Beating up on him for placing our country in peril on the foreign stage offers Moscow Mitch and crew the opportunity to join hands and jump off a cliff with their Democrat counterparts while saving face with their staunch GOP constituents: We’ve got to save our country from possible terrorist retaliations; save face with our foreign allies and join forces with Democrats on this one common area of agreement so we can use Trump’s shaky foreign policies to impeach him because we don’t have the cujones to do it forthrightly.

They know they cannot vote to impeach Trump, based on the thousands of lies, missteps, and illegal acts he’s paraded in front of the American and world stages for the last three years. No, that would anger their constituents than cost them their jobs in 2020. But they can join hands, jump off the cliff together on this foreign policy situation and save face while pushing to rid themselves of the albatross around their necks that is Trump. Its a win/win for Republicans. They’ll look like they’re doing the conscientious thing and still salvage their own careers in the process.

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Trump’s insane politicking has placed America squarely in the crosshairs of every despot, dictator and thug who’d like to destroy America and see the land of the free become a breeding ground for terrorism, fascism and anarchy.

Will Trump go down in history with the likes of Milosevic and Lazarenko? Will he be hailed as the Putin of the West? Will he destroy America before Americans wake up to the looming disaster that is Trump policymaking on the fly? Will Congress do something to eject this abomination of a leader or will they remain complicit in his wrongdoing to the very end?

Donald J. Trump is obliterating the Constitution with the help of the silent GOP, who for eight years were never silent about President Obama and their beliefs about his ability to govern, yet they cannot openly utter a word in opposition to the Trumpanzee-in-Chief and his off-the-grid antics and boorish behavior on the domestic front.

Trump makes a mockery out of the presidency and our country, while selfish, lying and complacent GOP senators are willing to stand by and do nothing about his disastrous domestic policies and his flagrant and outlandish behavior that shines a spotlight on his obvious insanity and inability to handle the job he was elected to do.

History books will be full of the complacency and ineptitude of this president and this senate. Moscow Mitch has already said that he will go ahead with an impeachment trial, but as long as he’s the Majority Leader, Trump won’t be going anywhere.

If Trump is allowed to stay in office, Republicans will never again be able to point a finger at any Democrat for wrongdoing and expect Americans to rally behind them. They are willing to sell out our country and protect the insanity that is tearing this country apart — and they’re proud of it!

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