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  • Donna WalksInSpirit

    Donna WalksInSpirit

    Clairvoyant psychic medium, book & freelance writer, oracle creator & spiritual mentor at Get unstuck with msgs from your divine team.

  • Adele Kassler

    Adele Kassler

  • Ananya Misra

    Ananya Misra

  • Michele Thomas

    Michele Thomas

    I am an educator, writer, and avid reader. I enjoy writing poetry and stories about real-life experiences.

  • Allan Wing

    Allan Wing

    Retired, again. Worked at a newspaper 35 years. Not a writer but I did learn to read. Lived in the U.S. for about 7 years, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia

  • M. Smith

    M. Smith

    Upset with both Parties, distrusting of all media, striving for tolerance, ardent believer in almost absolute freedom of speech, listening to understand.

  • Liz Russell

    Liz Russell

    Dreamer, thinker, recovering perfectionist

  • Kara Summers

    Kara Summers

    5x Top Writer. Raising awareness of emotional abuse and toxic relationships. Narcissistic Abuse Survivor.

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