Don-the-Con Bemoans Anthony Fauci Having Higher Approval Ratings Than He Does; Scrambles For Answers…

In another useless presser yesterday evening, President Donald Trump asked the rhetorical question: How is it that Anthony Fauci has such high approval ratings and I have much lower approval ratings from the public?

All Democrats, Independents and many reluctant Republicans can tell him why, but since he asked — herewith the answer:

Fauci vs. Trump

1) Fauci is well-educated; he actually attended school to learn something

Trump is all smoke and mirrors; he was admitted into U Penn thanks to his buddy acing the SAT for him. On his own, Trump would not have made it into a work/study program at Dollar General. U Penn must be horrified every time the subject is broached.

2) Fauci is dignified

Trump is not dignified. Those who voted for him in 2016 apparently knew nothing about the man, except that he liked to “grab em by the pussy.” They applauded the stories of him welshing on deals with business associates, forgetting to pay contractors when the job was completed. When he took to Twitter to annihilate anyone he disagreed with, defaming them and destroying them at will — they thought it was hilarious; a breath of fresh air.

Apparently, the religious far-right didn’t mind a little hanky-panky because they found a way to ignore Trump’s philandering with Playboy models and porn stars, while married to his current wife, as well. As all good Bible-thumpers know: It’s not what you or anyone else does that may be deemed sordid; it’s just a matter of how you choose to overlook it when it serves your best interests. In this respect, his supporters were in lock-step with their leader.

3) Fauci is sincere

Trump is the most insincere president in modern times — maybe ever. When a guy tells you to take a drug that could kill you (based on your underlying conditions and with no actual proof that it is effective battling the Coronavirus) and swears it is the magic bullet for fending off the Chiiiina Virus, Americans have a problem with that.

When NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said he needed 30,000 ventilators to save the lives of deathly-ill New Yorkers, Trump sent him 400 ventilators and then complained that he wasn’t appreciated for his timely response to Cuomo and other governors’ requests. Being insincere is a bigger issue when your vanity dwarfs saving lives.

4) Fauci is honest

Trump has spent a lifetime lying his way in and out of every deal he has ever made. The only time he’s not lying is when his lips aren’t moving. Remember: “One morning in April you’ll wake up and like a miracle it will be gone,” when asked about the Coronavirus. “The tests are beautiful.” “Everyone who wants or needs to be tested will have the test.” “We have plenty of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and ventilators for Americans.” “I know more than anyone, probably, about this illness — the Chiiiina virus.” “President Putin said he didn’t interfere and I have no reason to doubt him.”

5) Fauci is knowledgeable and knows the value of continuing to educate oneself.

Trump has no knowledge of what it takes to be president, 3 ½ years into the job and he’s still not interested in finding out. He doesn’t know how a bill becomes law; what the parameters are surrounding when and how he can issue Executive Orders; how to govern; how to manage; how to communicate and how to get along with our allies (yeah, like we have any of those left in the world, nowadays) but he does know how to remember to cuddle up to every disgusting despot and dictator, worldwide.

Any other person who had never been elected to any office prior to being elected president (it still stings to say that) would have boned up on the law (not boned-up on skanks), and availed himself of the best minds in the country to make his presidency a success. But when you are a hard-core narcissist, there’s little chance of that happening.

6) Fauci is dedicated to aiding all citizens; like Trump, his job demands it

Trump is only dedicated to helping the 1% at the top. Helping all people never occurred to Trump and never would. He promised a bunch of uneducated hicks, greedy business owners and the 1% that he would take care of them and “drain the swamp” in DC. As we now know, he has managed to clog the swamp like never before in our nation’s history. Bodies are piling up at an alarming rate, such that the Department of the Interior will need to trench a new swamp to handle the overflow surrounding the White House.

7) Fauci is well-respected

Ooops! Don-the-Con can’t get a break on this one. Trump is not well-respected; hell, respect is not in the man’s vocabulary, unless you are a despot, a dictator or a Madam (shout-out to Ghislaine Maxwell)! He respects inanimate objects — money and status symbols such as big houses, big skyscrapers with his name on them, corporate jets and his golf courses, and he also loves women with a questionable past, including his soft-porn wife and Be Best at absolutely nothing partner, Melania. He’s ignorant and uneducated in ways that should shame the University of Pennsylvania every time the subject of his education arises, and is totally clueless as to how the world functions, how people live, the challenges they face and furthermore, he just doesn’t care to find out about anything beyond his self-serving, myopic point of view.

8) Fauci works for a living

Trump works for a living, but mostly — he lives to golf. 300+ golf trips at the taxpayer’s expense since taking office three years ago. When he works, he is easily distracted, doesn’t listen to advisers (such as they are) and loves to talk about himself, his reelection and the fact that he is the consummate expert on all subjects. He is really all-consumed with his image, his poll numbers and how he appears in the eyes of the public. The problem is, he’s too stupid to realize that he is a 24/7 assclown. He has not a clue about how to command his country in a time of pandemic crisis, economic crisis or a country mired in racial strife. He works, alright, just not for anyone but himself.

9) Fauci wears a mask all the time, not just when the cameras are clicking

Trump wears a mask when it’s convenient, and it rarely is. He’s come around of late to the fact that he has to wear one to appear to be politically correct — so he talks a good game, but the very next photo op will show him clustered with a group of supporters and the mask is nowhere to be found.

10) Fauci has better hair and is better-looking

Nuff said!

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