COVID19: The One Opponent That Will Defeat Trump In 2020

Trump press briefing on 3/23/20.

Remember back in the day, when our fearless leader promised us that the Coronavirus was a Democratic hoax that would “like a miracle” be gone by April? Remember when he reassured everyone that he really “got it” and knew that the US had nothing to worry about?

“I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it… Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability. Maybe I should have done that instead of running for president.” March 6 daily press briefing.

Yeah, Don, maybe you should have! Although given your latest suggestion directed to the doctors on Thursday’s daily press briefing regarding the possible use of disinfectants, I doubt you could navigate your way around a grade school ant farm presentation. The stable genius has finally met his match: COVID19.

Let us all raise a glass to COVID19…

Let’s get this out of the way up front: COVID19 is a horrific virus that has cost over 50,000 Americans their lives. It has destroyed families, devastated the economy and cost millions their businesses and their livelihoods. So why should anyone raise a glass to COVID19?

In the last 3.5 years, hundreds of sophisticated and erudite minds have undertaken the Sisyphean task of trying to out the Donald, hoping against all reason that if they put his lunacy on parade, the nation would have their collective Kumbaya moment and see him for what he was.

They honed their assessments of him on every network news show, unloading on him with their criticism and telling the tales of their outlandish first-hand interactions with him, while medical professionals flung about their knowledge of psychological disorders in an attempt to prove that Don-the-Con was out of his depth.

Trump relied on FIXed News — the Pravda of the West — to support his lunacy, his idiocy and his emboldened lies, proffered as cheap shots harpooned at his critics and to the delight of his supporters.

Courtesy Gary Varvel

COVID19 has left Donald Trump naked and afraid for his presidency and his future reelection chances. New polls out today show that Trump has fallen from a 19% approval rating among people 65+ to a -1 rating in the last two months among that same population. That’s right; he’s playing with fire and the flames constitute the millions of lives (over 65) that are at stake.

People will fall for anything, until their livelihoods and their lives are threatened. Once you are in the 22% of the population that are baby boomers over 65 and another 20% who will be in the 65 or older group in another 10 years, things become increasingly clear: Facts Matter/Bullshit Doesn’t.

Trump’s poll numbers are falling across the South (his stronghold) and are tumbling quickly in toss-up states in the Midwest. He has decided to give up on the hours-long daily press briefings that offered him the opportunity to talk about his great relationship with Russia; inform Americans on his meetings with world leaders regarding oil and gas prices; lend a shout-out to his buddy Kim Jong-Un and to remind us that he is still the most competent man in Washington who slaps the hands of greedy Democratic governors who ask for too much help, while offering whatever lagniappe he can to the party-faithful governors to keep them happy…and, uh, oh yeah, CORONAVIRUS!

Courtesy Nick Anderson

He had never taken the virus seriously, until his hand was forced by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (no doubt Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2020) who put the horror of COVID19 on front street. When given no other choice, Donnochio lied his way through press briefings: “Anyone who wants to be tested, will be.” “There will be enough tests to go around; there are no shortage of tests.” “We have plenty of masks being manufactured so if you work in a hospital or a doctor’s office, you’ll be okay.”

He promised that all Walgreens and CVS stores would be testing in their communities? Outside of the hardest-hit states, there are no lines, tents or tables with long cotton swabs on them; no testing kits, no personnel to man the tents and no police to keep the lines moving. I have, however, noticed thousands in long lines in Texas, North Carolina, Florida and other states — lined up for food and toiletries, because they have no money to purchase these things and if they do have money available, the shelves are bare when they get to the store.

Many have tried to dent the armor of Donald Trump; few have succeeded, and some have succeeded greatly, if only for a week. No one has been able to unpack the stupidity that is Don-the-Con like the COVID19 virus. Without saying a nasty word, without putting Trump on blast, without pointing out his faults and his endless, nonstop lies, a silent killer brought out the worst of Donald Trump for all to see — supporters and haters alike.

Thank you COVID19.

Humorist, political junkie, activist, resister

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