Careful, Doug; You just showed your ignorance by assuming that every country that espouses Socialism in some form is happy with it. How do you think they afford all of the freebies? By taxing the hell out of the citizenry. By example: My friends in Canada bring home 40% of what they make because the rest goes to the government to provide “free stuff.”

It would cost 60 Trillion dollars to enforce all of the changes that AOC and Bernie Sanders would like. Taxing the richest and the corporations would bring in 2 Trillion Dollars. Where would the rest come from? YOU and ME!

Some of the primary criticisms of socialism are claims that it creates distorted or absent price signals, results in reduced incentives, causes reduced prosperity, has low feasibility, and that it has negative social and political effects.

  • The national economy develops relatively slowly;
  • There is an inability to obtain the upmost profit from the use of resources, labors and land;
  • Places that have a geographical advantage lose chances to develop better and people who have intelligence and wealth lose chances to make their businesses become bigger and more powerful;
  • People lose initiative to work and enthusiasm to study as doing more isn’t rewarded. (Excerpted for OER Services)

In a perfect world, it would be great to do. What we need now is STABILITY. Let’s focus on that for a while; America and the world will thank us!


Ann Recchie

Humorist, political junkie, activist, resister


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