Bernie Has Big Ideas And No Cogent Way To Pay For Them…Kids Love It

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Bernie Sanders is on a roll; galivanting around the country, promising pie-in-the-sky goodies and freebies for everyone, like a good Socialist should.

He has mastered the art of speaking to the youth of this country, whose critical-thinking skills have yet to be honed; offering them a way out of their misery, a ticket out of the country they’ve inherited from their predecessors and the possibility of having it all if they’ll just stoke the fires that he’s fanning throughout the land and stroke his ego as he seeks to become the leader of this country. And America’s young are buying into the scam without so much as a fleeting thought with regard to how all of these schemes will be financed and supported.

On the surface, it all sounds great. Yes, we should be able to have affordable healthcare and free education for all. It’s a wonderful dream, but it won’t come without a huge hit to your paychecks.

When you start offering everyone free college education and free healthcare and call for term limits in Congress, the gloves are off. In a utopian society, this kind of kumbaya paradise is realistic.

In the world we live in, it’s not likely and the reasons are as numerous as they are easy to comprehend. Let’s start at the top — the top 1% who comprise the wealthiest in our country. Should their taxes be increased? Surely, we have no problem with that.

Now look at the corporations — AMAZON, among others— I’m talking to you! They pay absolutely no taxes. Should they be taxed? Absolutely! Should all corporations who are using loopholes to slip out of paying taxes open their cash registers and feed the giant, cavernous behemoth that is the US Treasury? No doubt!

Here’s the problem with assuming that by making people and corporations pay their fair share, it will take care of everything Bernie proposes: IT WON’T! Some estimates say it would put 2 Trillion in the federal coffers — a nice start but far from what we need to fund Bernie’s plans for this country.

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Experts believe Sanders’ proposal would cost in excess of 60 TRILLION dollars to fund over a ten-year period. To make Bernie’s plan work, this is what will have to happen…

About that free healthcare offer:

Congressional leaders will have to disassociate from pharma and the money they dole out annually through lobbyists, whose sole purpose is to keep everyone in their self-serving pockets with annual cash infusions. These corporations pay our elected officials to make sure that they vote the way these corporations want them to vote — and that is RARELY FOR YOUR BENEFIT! Without big money donations from lobbyists and major corporate donors, bank accounts look less healthy for our friends in the House and the Senate. Not going to happen!

By the way, does anyone know if Bernie used Medicare in Las Vegas when he had his heart attack in the fall, or did he utilize his Cadillac healthcare plan he gets as part of his senate government perks package? Just sayin’….

Term limits?

Think Congress’ bank accounts would look weaker without corporate donations? How about term limits? What a joke! There’s not a person in Congress who is going to vote to take away a cushy six-figure salary so you can feel good about them playing ball and taking one for the team! It’s a great idea, but to be realistic: It’s Not going to happen! They won’t do it and, let’s face it, neither would you!

Free education for anyone who wants it?

Free education sounds like a plan, until you ask yourselves how states can possibly afford to keep buildings structurally sound, pay for the best professors and lecturers in their chosen fields to teach at these schools, pay for support staff that keep the universities operating, pay to fund cafeterias to feed the students, pay to manicure the grounds of every campus in America, maintain dormitory upkeep and provide an environment in which students can feel safe and protected 24 hours per day. Afterall, we aren’t talking about sports programs here, we’re talking about educating people! HINT: Your taxes will go through the roof in case you haven’t already figured that out.

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“The limits on government’s capacity to raise money from the wealthy and businesses, even under proposals as aggressive as Sanders’, is why most experts say it is not possible to come close to funding the senator’s spending agenda without either massively increasing the federal debt or raising middle-class taxes.” Maya MacGuineas, president of the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonprofit group that advocates reducing federal deficits.

I have a co-worker in Canada who told me that their healthcare system is good. I asked her if it has affected her and her husband’s take home pay for their family of four, and this was her response: “When my husband’s paycheck is deposited in the bank every month, we get 40% of what he earned, the rest goes to the government.”

When I asked if their taxes increase every year she said. “Like clockwork! That’s why we are a two-income family. It’s hard to make it on less than half of the money you earn.”

Rational, every day Dems aren’t the only ones worried about a Sanders nomination, but the people who are running down-ballot know what it means for them: Likely losing their elections, thanks to a guy who is drunk with his ideals and desperate to be the leader of a party that he has mocked and ridiculed for decades. Too late in the game, his followers will realize that he is selling America a barrel of shit-faced dreams and candy cotton promises on which he’ll never be able to deliver to the naive and disillusioned ones who are so desperate for change that they’ll throw common sense and rationale out the window in favor of Bernie’s political fairytales.

In the last debate, when all of the debaters on stage were asked if they were willing to take the fight to the convention if one of them didn’t have more than 500 delegates, Bernie Sanders was the only one who said he WOULD NOT BE IN FAVOR OF DOING SO. This, from a guy who took the fight to the convention in 2016, even though Hillary was the clear leader going in and dragged out the process before throwing all of his delegates to Hillary late on the second night of the convention.

Bernie Bros have threatened to stay home if the Democratic nominee is not Bernie, which further informs me that they are not in this for the party or the country, it’s just the cult of Bernie — nothing more and decidedly much less than they’re willing to admit to themselves and each other.

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