Benedict Donald Leaks Top 20 New Year Resolutions

Courtesy: Vanity Fair
  • Save the Farmers — Doing God’s Work in the Fields while stuffing MY pockets with donor money
  • Earmark foundation donations to go to the remodeling of the Southern White House — Mar-A-Lago
  • Breaking Bread for America’s Neediest — Putting money into the pockets of rich fat cats like ME, who will need it now that I’m out of office.
  • Start a new Super Pac: FLING (Feeding Losers In Need of Groceries). Make one-time contribution to food bank in Palm Beach; Bank the rest for a rainy day election campaign
  • Establish LOVE Wins — Losers Offended by Voting in Elections — Use this money for mounting an information campaign against voting and installing ME in 2024 as the Greatest Ruler of ALL TIME.
Courtesy: East Asia Forum
Courtesy: Mandel Ngan

Humorist, political junkie, activist, resister

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